This article is the first in a series of articles about explaining our Mormon beliefs to our friends. Watch for a new post in this series each Tuesday and Thursday. 

Have you taken the chance to explain to your friends what goes on in LDS meetings on Sunday? Some people think that such meetings are just for Mormons and that they aren’t welcome. Some have heard that only worthy members may enter a temple, and they don’t know the difference between a temple and a meetinghouse. Others may not think to attend because they have never been invited.

If you take the chance to talk to others about what goes on, they may feel less intimidated about attending. This can take place in a normal conversation about things that have happened to you during the week. Just because a friend may not be a member of the Church, don’t shy away from talking about important things that happen in church on Sundays.

Here are some resources to help you think about how to invite your friends to a church meeting:

  • I loved reading the article “I Went To Church With Mitt Romney Sunday Morning,” where a reporter did a great job explaining what a Mormon worship service was like. He used common terms that everyone can understand. This is the kind of explanation that will be understood by people who are not familiar with Mormon terminology.
  • The “Worship With Us” page on outlines some things you may want to review with your friends when you invite them to attend with you. For example, it mentions what to wear, and whether  they will be asked to donate or participate. For more details, see the article “What to Expect at Church Services.”
  • The article “Of Chapels and Temples: Explaining Mormon Worship Services” explains the difference between meetinghouses and temples.

I hope you find these resources helpful and that you’ll invite your friends to attend with you to find out what makes Mormons tick.

What other ideas do you have that you can share with others? Post them in the comments below.


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