To make it easier for you to share the new Bible Videos about the Life of Jesus Christ with your friends, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has done the following:

Bible Videos now on More Media Channels

This collection of videos about the life of Jesus Christ was initially available only on the website or through the Gospel Library app. The videos have now been added to YouTube, iTunes, FacebookMormon Channel, and Roku.

The Mormon Channel on YouTube has a new playlist with the Bible Videos that are currently available. The videos are also on the Mormon Channel website and mobile app, as well as on the Mormon Channel on iTunes and Roku. The new Facebook app lets you watch and share the videos within Facebook.

Share Bible Videos on your Blog or Website

Bible Videos banners and badges have been created for you to upload to your blog or website and link them directly to You can download 8 different banners through the links listed below. The banners come in 3 different sizes and 3 different designs. A web page with these and additional banners, as well as interactive widgets for bloggers, will be available soon.

120 x 240: Christ, Mary and Baby, Joseph and Mary
180 X 180: Christ, Mary and Baby, Joseph and Mary
234 X 60: Christ, Mary and Baby

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