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The Media Library on ( has several pages that explain how to access LDS Media. The following is from the page on Internet TV:

What Is Internet TV?
Internet TV (also referred as Web-enabled, over-the-top, and Web-connected TV) is a way to obtain and view Internet content on a television set. Reasons for using Internet TV include the availability of large amounts of video content, ease of access, and free online content.

Over the past years many companies have provided easier ways to access Internet TV through gaming systems and Web-connected televisions. Devices like Roku, Google TV, Xbox 360, and Boxee help people view Internet content easily. Sony, Toshiba, and Samsung, to name a few, have created televisions that connect directly to the Internet.

These devices and televisions offer different types of content based on their associations with large broadcasters or independent content creators. Netflix, Hulu Plus, and VUDU are three major content providers found on most devices. YouTube has also provided applications on many devices.

When choosing a device, take into consideration your viewing habits and what you enjoy watching. Each device comes with different features and types of content. You can check out many of these kinds of devices at local electronics stores.

The Church and Internet TV
For the Church, Internet TV allows people around the world to access Church content in homes and meetinghouses. With a Web-connected device or television, individuals can access, play back, and enjoy Church-created content on their home television. Many devices even have the option to play live broadcasts.

In the future, individuals and families will be able to access LDS content such as live broadcasts, Mormon Messages, general conference, CES firesides, Homefronts, Mormon Tabernacle Choir events, and LDS Radio audio.

The Church is actively involved in investigating and preparing channels and applications for many of these devices to benefit people worldwide. Check back occasionally to view what devices have been made compatible for Mormon Channel playback and available content. See below for a list of a few devices the Church is working with and others that will allow Internet TV.

SET-TOP BOXES: Roku Box, Boxee Box, Google TV, WD TV Live Hub


BLU-RAY DISC PLAYERS: Sony BD Players, LG BD Players

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