The Church’s Gospel Library application for mobile devices has been downloaded over 800,000 times!

Recent releases of the Gospel Library application on various platforms included the following improvements:

Android: You can now download an extensive library of scriptures, conferences, magazines, and other Church publications in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

iPhone and iPad: You can now sync annotations with LDS 3.0 personal study tools. More content is coming in other languages, beginning with Spanish, Portuguese, and German. There is also an expanded server capacity and increased stability.

Windows Mobile: This initial release for Windows Mobile 6.X and 7.0 devices has the full English library, basic annotation features, and audio playback of scriptures and recent general conferences.

Blackberry and Palm: No recent updates.

I hope you’re also enjoying the other apps from the Church:

  • Mormon Channel app (almost 400,00 downloads)
  • LDS Tools app (almost 250,000 downloads)
  • LDS Youth app (nearly 20,000 downloads)
  • Scripture Mastery app (over 40,000 downloads)

For more information about the Church’s mobile applications, see

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