Editor’s note: See “LDS Online Store for Official Church Materials Store.ChurchofJesusChrist.org” for updated information about the Church’s online store.

The Church’s new Online Store (store.lds.org) lets you shop online, anywhere, anytime. The new site publicly launches September 30, 2010, to make gospel teachings, resources, and services accessible worldwide in a self-service and affordable way to help strengthen leaders and members of the Church.

The new online store is designed to help parents establish righteous families, to help stake and ward councils, and to assist anyone who is searching for truth and righteousness.

The online store features items sold in distribution stores, including gospel study aids (scriptures, missionary resources, and magazines); music, media, and art; clothing (garments, ceremonial clothing, and accessories); plus instructional manuals and other teaching resources.

The new online store provides:

  • Self-service ordering of affordable Church materials, ordering directly from the Church in your own language and using your own currency.
  • Ability to browse products visually and categorically online with better descriptions and images of the materials.
  • Availability of more products, including temple clothing.
  • Live product inventory. You’ll know immediately whether the item is in stock or whether there will be a delay in shipping.
  • Online access to Church publications to view, print, download for free, or order physical copies.
  • Live multilingual customer support in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese.
  • Non-English materials: order materials in many languages not previously available online or in individual stores.
  • Magazines: renew easily online, order gift subscriptions for children or new members in your ward, see special issues, MormonAds and posters.
  • Scriptures: see the styles, bindings, and colors available. See new products, like the softbound New Testament, electronic scriptures CD-ROM, and audio scriptures.
  • Temple clothing: see the styles and options you can now order online. Some clothing requires you to log in with your LDSAccount to verify your endowment status.
  • Materials to teach children: browse the great Church materials for use in the home, including the Nursery Manual, scripture stories for children, pictures, and the Gospel Art Book.
  • Materials for FHE: browse the videos, music, and pictures available.
  • Ward and stake leaders can log on with the unit account and access restricted administrative materials. They can also submit their annual order online.

The site is available in English and Spanish, with more languages coming throughout the year and into 2011 (Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese).

Materials ordered can be shipped to 56 countries. Countries in Central and South America will be added next, followed by the rest of Europe, Brazil, and finally Asia by the end of 2011. Prices are shown in the local currency.

The new Online Store is also accessible from the new.lds.org site that launched earlier this month. After September 30, 2010 the old LDS Catalog site will be discontinued and the address LDSCatalog.com will redirect to store.lds.org.

We invite you to browse through the online store to discover what the Church has to offer.

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