Two weeks ago, I wrote an article about E-reader Devices for Reading Books after attending the Publishing Business Conference about e-readers and the future of publishing.

So, last night I experimented in creating an e-book version of my booklet Learning Through Life’s Trials, which is an expanded version of the article that appears in this month’s Ensign magazine.

I used Smashwords, which seems to be ideal for authors to create an e-book for free and make it available online. You take a Microsoft Word file with the text of a book you’ve written and strip out all formatting except headings and normal tags, then upload it to Smashwords where it’s converted it into multiple ebook formats such as .EPUB, PDF. .RTF, .PDB, .MOBI, LRF and TXT, as well as online HTML and Javascript formats. That makes it readable on any e-reader device, including personal computers, the iPhone (via the Stanza e-reader app), Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Android smart phones, etc.

They do all this at no cost so they have the chance to sell your book on their site. My e-book is now available at Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and Century Publishing.

That wasn’t too hard to do. If you’ve written a book or booklet, this is a great way to get it out in more formats for people to read.

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