This morning Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) tweeted about A Day in the Life of a Twintern. The article immediately caught my eye since it’s a story about Pizza Hut’s first official “twintern” – Alexa Robinson.

Follow Greg McMurdie on Twitter As a twintern – “an intern in charge of their companies’ Twitter feeds” – Robinson spends the majority of her time on Twitter “sending out messages about special promotions, responding to customer complaints, and trolling Twitter for mentions of Pizza Hut.” According to Caitlin McDevitt:

Despite a lack of in-house experience—she worked for only one day in a Pizza Hut restaurant—Robinson seems to be doing a fine job thus far. She has increased Pizza Hut’s Twitter followers from 3,000 to more than 13,000 and successfully executed a sales promotion over the Fourth of July weekend. And despite having only been on the job for a month, she seems well-informed about the company offerings. In response to a customer inquiry, she tweeted on Tuesday: “Currently the Stuffed Pizza Rolls are only available with pepperoni. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.”

Who are some of your favorite LDS twitterers you follow?

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