Today I noticed that the article 5 Ways to Optimize Your Existing Links for Maximum Benefit got Sphunn. As alluded to in the post Google Quickly Defuses Obama Google Bomb, “links are an important signal in [Google’s] PageRank calculations, as they tend to indicate when someone has found a page useful (see More Ways for You to Give Us Input).

Link Here are five suggestions by Gyutae Park that will help you “optimize existing links to your site and increase their SEO value. This will help you to obtain more direct traffic and creep up in the search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.”

  1. Ask for more links – One way to get more links to your site is to simply ask other webmasters for them.
  2. Optimize link anchor text – Sometimes bloggers and webmasters link to a a site using poor anchor text such as “click here.” Make sure others link to your site using keywords in the anchor text.
  3. Correct errors – Monitor 404 errors on your site to ensure that pages which link to your site use the correct URL.
  4. Change link locations – If a site links to a page on your site that is blocked from indexing by a search engine, ask the webmaster to link to another page on your site – and if possible – from a page with high PageRank.
  5. Turn your site name references into valuable links – Search for websites that mention your site – but don’t link to it -and ask the webmaster to link to the site with the suggested link anchor text.

This is just a brief review on optimizing links to your site, so check with the original article for additional information.

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