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Integrating SEO, Usability, and Internet Marketing for High Performance Results

Web sites are not “projects.” They are living, breathing environments. SEO, usability, and Internet marketing are often introduced on completion of the site and retrofitted later to support visibility and promotion to target audiences. This is counter-intuitive and country-productive.

Every aspect of the experience needs to be optimized with intent:

  • Web site architecture
  • user experience and interface
  • content
  • metadata
  • assets
  • media & publicity
  • Internet marketing

Proven methodologies

  • Competitive research and positioning (not copying other successful sites)
  • Keyword research and positioning
  • Ongoing content management
  • Metadata optimization
  • Formatting to maximize efforts, leverage best practices for widespread success (metadata, keyword utilization, etc.)

Since search engine algorithms change, best practices sustain these changes over time, without putting your site at risk of being blacklisted and will perform best for YOUR Web site.

True SEO incorporates (1) company mission, (2) unique value proposition, and (3) pre-qualification of audience. You want to attract people who are perfectly matched to your content.


  • Give your visitors what they want as quickly as possible.
  • Promote engagement before they “bounce” (leave your site).
  • Empowers the user to control the experience.
  • Empowers viral marketing.
  • Provides clear execution of desired outcome at all times.
  • Promotes conversion.
  • Answer every conceivable question or objection leading to the conversion.

Your mission is to meet the immediate and long-term needs of your audience.

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