One way you can help people find LDS church buildings is to write a review on Google maps. When people in your community search for places of worship, the LDS meetinghouses that have reviews will be more prominent in the search results. Your review and comments about your experiences will add insight to those who are seeking a place to worship, attend Boy Scouts, or participate in other activities.

How to Review an LDS Meetinghouse

You will need a Google+ account. Once you are signed in with your Google+ account, go to and search for “lds church” (or just click here). Select one of the churches and click “Write a review.” Select a star rating and post your review comments to the page. When giving your rating and review, be genuine and authentic in sharing your personal experience visiting the building. For more information, read Google’s tips for writing great reviews.

Time It Takes

The whole activity should take 2-3 minutes to locate your chapel on the map, select a rating, and write a brief review to comment about your experience at church and explain why someone else may enjoy attending.


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