pornography-addiction-hope-videoThe video Pornography Addiction: Is There Hope? is the newest episode in the video series His Grace on the Mormon Channel.

Elizabeth was only 11 years old when she first came across pornography. That encounter sparked a long struggle with addiction, fear, and hopelessness. It was only when she believed in Jesus Christ’s power and desire to heal her that she felt miraculous hope.

Though she spent years suffering from addiction to pornography, she never told anyone.

“I was angry all the time at my family. They didn’t know why,” she says. “Sometimes I felt like they didn’t really know me, and if they did that they wouldn’t love me.”

She secretly researched information on dealing with her addiction, but found that most of it was geared toward men.

“It just made me feel more alone. ‘Am I the only woman struggling with this?’” she wondered.

People of all genders, ages, and faiths are currently drowning in the debilitating effects of pornography addiction. Elizabeth’s personal experience is a reminder that no matter how lost in darkness one feels, hope and light are available to anyone who chooses to believe in Jesus Christ.



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