Meet-The-Mormons-PosterMeet the Mormons is a new feature-length movie that shows the diverse lives of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was filmed on location across the globe to take you on a journey into the day-to-day realities of members living in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, to the rain forests of Costa Rica, to the Salt Lake Valley.

This is the first time in the Church’s history that they have released a feature-length movie documentary in theaters.

The movie starts with a lighthearted look at how members of the Church are often misperceived. Then it introduces six families, portraying their passions and their daily struggles as they live their faith and follow Jesus Christ.

Meet the Mormons will be in theaters in select cities in the USA beginning October 10, 2014. Below is a trailer from the film.

Visit to learn more about the stories of members in the film and to see a trailer of the movie.

Although the film was financed by the Church, all net proceeds from the theatrical release will be donated charity (to the American Red Cross to assist in the great work that they do around the world).

This movie is one way you can share your beliefs with your family and friends in a simple and effective way. When sharing information about the movie, please use the hashtag #MeetTheMormons.

Get information about the movie at:

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For more information and photos, see LDS Church announces feature-length documentary, “Meet the Mormons.”

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