lds-notes-journalThe Gospel Library has a Notes and Journal function that lets you highlight and add notes to most of the content* you read in the Gospel Library,  such as scriptures and manuals, on or on the mobile app. You can also make journal entries in the same system.

Everything you enter is saved in your own personal, private space on called Notes and Journal. Whether you enter the notes on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, it is synced across all your devices. Learn more about using the Notes and Journal in the LDS Gospel Library.

The Church places great value on helping you record and preserve your personal study insights and spiritual impressions. Here are a few things to do to be sure this personal treasure isn’t lost:

  • The backing up and saving of your notes and journals is done centrally and thus independently of your device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). This is a benefit if you ever switch mobile devices or want to access the notes from different computers. However, to take advantage of this service, you must sign in using your LDS account so the notes and journal entries can be backed up for long-term preservation. As long as you are signed in, your annotations will automatically sync and be saved in the central database.
  • On your mobile app, you should occasionally verify that you are signed in and that all your annotations are synced. Do this by going to Settings, then click Sync. It will tell you if you are signed in and if there are pending changes that have not yet synced. (Any annotations you have entered directly into–not through the mobile app–are automatically saved.)
  • Before you ever delete the Gospel Library mobile app, be sure you are signed in and that your latest annotations were synced or they will be lost. For example, the new iOS mobile app 3.0 was a separate app to download. If you didn’t sync the annotations you entered on the old app 2.5, they weren’t backed up. If this is the case with you, go to your old 2.5 app and sync the annotations.
  • You can always download your notes and journal entries to have a personal back-up or just to have the text to use for other purposes, such as preparing a talk or lesson.

download-lds-notebookHow to Download Notes and Journal Entries

You can download any individual notebook to a Microsoft Word, RTF (Rich Text Format), or XML file.

1. Click the arrow next to the notebook that has the items you want to download.

2. Click Download.

3. Select the items you want to include in the download, and then select the download format:

  • DOCX: Microsoft Word.
  • RTF: A cross-platform word processing format.
  • Backup (XML): A code view of the content. Useful only for backup, restore, and sharing. (Backup, restore, and sharing features will be added to Notes and Journal later.)

4. Click Download.

* Note: The Notes and Journal function lets you highlight and add notes to most of the content you read in the Gospel Library. The library doesn’t currently let you highlight or annotate content that appears in numbered lists, bulleted lists, scripture helps, and some sections of manuals.

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