The Church is phasing out the printing of the large 11″ x 17″ printed pictures used in meetinghouse libraries in favor of using the Gospel Art Book and digital pictures from

If you want to buy any of these pictures for your home, you’d better get them now. When existing supplies are gone, the printed pictures will be discontinued (not reprinted).

The Church will continue to print some 5″ x 7″ pictures for use in the home:
Brother Joseph (80878)
Calling of the Fishermen (80208)
Christ with Children (64002)
First Presidency (TBD)
First Vision (80213)
Jesus Christ (80938)
Jesus Praying in Gethsemane (80612)
John Baptizing Jesus (80725)
Joseph Smith, The Prophet (80190)
Mary and the Resurrected Lord (80210)
Second Coming (80722)
Thomas S. Monson (06891)
The best resource for pictures in the home is the Gospel Art Book, an affordable spiral-bound book with 137 color pictures for use in gospel learning and teaching.Most of these pictures are also available online at more about the Gospel Art Book.
There are also thousands of images in the Media Library on ( that families can use and print as needed.

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