When the LDS Media Library launched on LDS.org back in May 2011, we mentioned that it was just the first installment of an amazing online library. That first release included 700 videos for online streaming and downloading, which have now expanded by several hundred more.

Editor’s Note (29 April 2019): The “LDS Media Library” on the Church website has been renamed “Gospel Media.”

Now, the image section of the LDS Media Library is available:

  • 2,400 images for use in lessons, at home, at church, in your blogs, websites, and elsewhere.
  • Download the images in 4 different resolutions for printing, wallpaper, mobile, and tablet.
  • Browse through images in 42 different categories.
  • Since most of the images were contributed by members, we invite you to submit your own photos to help build the image library. Your photos may be used in Church magazines, brochures, posters, lessons, blogs, videos, websites, and other media.

Keep watching as the LDS Media Library continues to grow. Future releases will include an audio section with music you could use to create your own presentations, videos, and slideshows.

Learn more in the article “Discover Old and New Gospel Images in the Updated Media Library” in Church News & Events.

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