With the new tools on LDS.org, many wards are rethinking their policy on printing directories and phone lists. It’s been years since our ward printed a directory. As people request a ward list, we’re happy to print them one on the spot from the ward computer, but most of our members are well served by the online directory, which has the latest changes.

The LDS.org directory also lets individuals and families upload photos, and you can choose to include these photos on the ward list.

Add Photos

Go to the ward directory on LDS.org, which is found in the Tools menu. If you haven’t yet signed in, you will need to enter your LDS Account.

  1. Select your name from the list, then click Edit Profile.
  2. You will then see an option to upload a photo of your family, as well as photos of each member of your family.
  3. Check the box at the top of that column to allow members of your ward and stake to see your household information.
  4. Then check the box next to the photos to allow them to show in the ward directory. If you don’t check the box, the photos will be viewable only by the bishopric and stake presidency. (If these boxes are grayed out, you need to first check the box at the top of the column to give permission for your information to be viewable.)

While there, be sure to update your household phone number and e-mail, as well as personal phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each member of your family.

See photos

To see photos of the families in the ward, click Photos in the navigation on the left side of the page.

Print directory

Print a directory of your ward using the Print button in the upper right. The print menu lets you include or exclude photos and other information that individual members have chosen to make available to the ward and stake.

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