Editor’s note: For current information about using the Church calendar, see “How to Use the Church Calendar.”

Earlier this week, we told you about the upgraded LDS.org that is now available at new.lds.org. Part of that upgrade includes replacements and upgrades for stake and ward websites, including a new calendar and directory.  Below is additional information about these new functions, excerpted from a new page of questions and answers about transitioning to these new tools on new.lds.org.

When should stakes and wards begin using the new tools?

  • Encourage members to use the new directory right away.
  • Continue to use the existing stake and ward calendars (at stakes.lds.org or ward.lds.org) for 2010 and 2011 calendaring. Begin using the new calendar for 2012 events.
  • Leaders who want to help test the new calendar during 2010 and 2011 should do so with private calendars (for example, interviews and presidency meetings).

Why don’t I see events from the old calendar on the new calendar?

  • Events are not currently synchronized between the old and new calendars.
  • Features such as the ability to import events will be available in 2011 to support a smoother transition to the new calendar.

How is the new calendar different from the existing one?

  • The new calendar supports multiple calendar feeds (like Google) from various ward and stake organizations (for example, a Relief Society calendar feed, a Ward Activities calendar feed, and a Primary calendar feed).
  • Each member can control the type of events he or she sees by subscribing to or unsubscribing from the various calendars.
  • Learn more about the calendar here.

How can I start testing the new calendar?

  • Anyone can create a new calendar of events. Sign into the new calendar app, click Options > Create Calendar.
  • A ward or stake leader will need to approve your new calendar before you can begin adding events to it.
  • Leaders should only approve private calendars until they are ready to switch to the new calendar for public 2012 events.
  • Learn more about transitioning to the calendar.

Will my data be retained when the calendar and directory move from new.lds.org to LDS.org?

  • Yes, all calendar and directory data (events, photos, phone numbers, and so on) will be retained when these applications move to LDS.org.

When will the new stake and ward websites be available in additional languages?

  • Initial versions of the calendar and directory will be available in some additional languages in early 2011. New languages will continue to be added throughout 2011. Time zones and other localization features will be added to the calendar in mid-to-late 2011.

I’m a ward Website administrator. How do I approve items? Do I still have that calling?

  • Ward and stake website administrators will continue to help administer these new tools. They, along with other ward and stake leaders, will automatically have administrative rights in the new calendar and directory by virtue of their MLS calling.
  • Learn more about Rights and Roles.

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