The Church News recently published a story about the LDSTech site (

The site launched in January 2007. A little over 3 years later, it’s a thriving community of thousands of Church members worldwide (and even a few non-Mormons) who have joined together to solve problems, share information, and work on projects that further the mission of the Church. Anyone interested in what the Church is doing with technology, where it’s heading, or being a part of it all are welcomed to visit the site. Read more about the purposes of LDSTech.

LDSTech began as an information site where members could find out how to troubleshoot MLS software issues, set up satellite feeds, and fix equipment. It eventually evolved into an online community consisting of volunteers and Church employees working together to achieve three specific goals:

1. To enlist volunteers and collaborate with the community on Church-sponsored technology projects.

2. To encourage community discussion, support, help, and feedback about technology and how it can help people serve in the Church.

3. To communicate to the public how technology is being used by the Church.

You can become part of the LDSTech community at where there are over 8,500 registered forum members and 915 people who have signed up to help with projects. A skills assessment can help match you up to appropriate projects. Volunteers contribute anywhere from 1-30 hours a week.

If you don’t have the technical skills to help with projects at LDSTech, you can always volunteer to do simple but important tasks at Simply Serving (

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