The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as “LDS” or “Mormons”) has been running spots on the Internet, radio, and television in key cities across the nation. They highlight average Mormons and promote the updated Web site. This media campaign is receiving a lot of media attention:

  • CBS News report from Baton Rouge
  • CBS News in Minneapolis
  • Fox News 9 In Minneapolis
  • ABC 4 News report
  • Coverage by 2 News Utah
  • News Coverage by Fox13 News
  • News Coverage by KSL TV

The media campaign features young, active, and diverse Americans who talk about their jobs, their families, and their passions. Each one ends the same way, by declaring their faith. The purpose of the videos is to bridge the gap between perception and reality, with the hope of dispelling myths about members of the Church.

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