The Gospel Library ( that you’ve enjoyed for years on is now accessible on a free iPhone application just released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [Update: This mobile app is now available for many types of mobile devices. See]

The Gospel Library iPhone application allows you to download and study the scriptures, general conference talks, and the many other gospel instruction materials (such as Gospel Principles, Hymns, Preach My Gospel, and other curriculum manuals) published by the Church. If you want audio recordings of the scriptures, general conference talks, Church magazines, and new radio programming, you can get them through the Church’s free Mormon Channel iPhone application.

The Gospel Library iPhone app allows you to search, bookmark, annotate, link, and highlight the texts. Later this year, these personalized study features will also be available across the Church’s Web site and other platforms. The iPhone app will also soon contain the scriptures and other materials in various languages. See the support page for FAQs, known bugs, and planned updates.

Please try it out, rate it, and invite your friends to use it. Church is also interested in your feedback and suggestions for improving the app. This application and others being developed are available thanks to the volunteer work of community developers. To learn how you can participate in this community development work for the Church, visit

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