Think the new FamilySearch is all about searching through complicated census records, death indexes, or birth certificates? It’s not an original research tool, like the original FamilySearch Web site ( What you’ll find at is a site where you can build your personal family tree and prepare names for temple ordinances.

The new FamilySearch is the new version of Temple Ready. It lets you locate or add names of family members who need temple work done, then process and print a family ordinance request right on your home computer.

The names found on new FamilySearch are those that have already been submitted to the Church–correctly or incorrectly–in some form or another. The 1.3 billion records come from temple ordinance records (like the International Genealogical Index), Church computerized databases (like Ancestral File and Pedigree Resource File), Church extraction programs, Church membership records, and information entered directly into the system by users.

What you can now do is verify and correct the information, link your ancestors into a massive family tree of all mankind, and get their temple work done. What makes it cool is that you’re no longer working alone–this is a collaborative effort with every other member of the Church. You can see what the entire church community has done and tie your line into everyone else’s.

Therefore, use the new FamilySearch to build your family tree and clear names for temple work. Continue to use the original FamilySearch for original research.  

This new site is now accessible to all LDS Church members, except 5 temple districts in Asia. You’ll need your membership number and confirmation date to create an account. Before long, a new feature called Family Tree will allow the general public to build, share, manage, collaborate, and preserve their family histories online.

Learn more about FamilySearch in an article on MormonTimes.

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