This month was the year-and-a-half birthday of the Church’s LDSTech Web site. The purpose of LDSTech is threefold:

  • To communicate to the public about how technology is being used at the Church.
  • To encourage community discussion, support, help, and feedback about technology and how it helps us serve in the Church.
  • To collaborate with the LDSTech community on Church-sponsored technology projects.

Anyone interested in what the Church is doing with technology, where it’s heading, and being a part of it all are welcomed to visit the site. Those interested may include:

  • Clerks, Stake Technology Specialists, and others, who can share experiences, offer advice, ask questions, and discuss issues that arise in the course of their work.
  • Those who want to put their skills to use can help in the collaboration of community development projects available. All you have to do is agree to and submit the Individual Contributors License, obtain an LDS Account, and dig into the LDSTech Wiki.
  • Anyone who likes to discuss technology and the many ways we can utilize it to benefit those serving in the Church will enjoy the LDSTech Forum.
  • Those interested in learning about what technologies the Church is working on will enjoy the bi-weekly featured articles by technical employees.

There are a lot of exciting things going on at LDSTech:

  • There are currently nine technical projects that you can help with. They recently added a project to create a Mormon Channel iPhone Application and a Recreation Properties Web application.
  • A new series will be running called Mormons in Technology which will spotlight members of the Church and how they have made a difference in technology.

LDSTech is more than just a Web site. They interact with the members of the community daily and are paving the way for more collaboration between the Church organization and its members.

We hope you’ll participate and share your great ideas!

Be sure to register for the 2nd annual online LDSTech Talk on September 17 at 6:00 p.m. MDT. Submit questions early by filling out the LDSTech Talk Question form. Learn more about the LDS Tech Talk.

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