has a Meetinghouse Locator application that allows users to enter an address to find the nearest LDS meetinghouse. We are pleased to announce the beta release of an upgraded version of the meetinghouse locator application on at

This application provides many new features not available in the existing application, including:

  • A dynamic user interface. (No more drop-down lists!)
  • The ability to identify the closest meetinghouses and congregations worldwide.
  • The ability to enter address information or simply point at a location on a map to get information.
  • The ability to switch between map providers Google and Microsoft to get the best map for a given location.
  • The ability to switch between map and aerial/satellite views.
  • The ability to see all congregations at a location, not just the residential unit (for example, Young Single Adult wards and language wards).
  • The ability to select a ward/branch and get additional information, go to the unit Web site, or get driving directions.
  • The ability to provide robust feedback that can identify a variety of issues that can be tracked more easily.
  • The ability to send a link to a friend of a location.

Please feel free to try this new application and share it with your friends and neighbors.  Feedback, suggestions, and corrections are welcomed and encouraged by using the Feedback link on the application.

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