Tuesday morning (Jan 30) from 2:00am-3:00am, we will replace the existing with the new site (what you see today at

Please note that still points to many pages in the old design (and old Vignette 6 content management system), and that will still be the case when we cut over. Over time, all these old pages and sites will be rebuilt with the new designs in the new Vignette 7 content management system.

For a few weeks, we will leave the beta site functional, although there will be a redirect on the home page to send users to the new site at If you have bookmarks to pages within, they will still find the beta pages for those few weeks, although you should change them to refer to the new site (usually just by removing “beta.” from the URL).

Gospel Library

The new site will use the new Gospel Library (as you see it today at which is a completely new database of XML text (with links to associated PDFs, audio files, etc.). If you have links on your sites to content in the Gospel Library, you will need to update those links to the new URLs. To prevent your links from breaking immediately, we will keep the old Gospel Library functional for some time (at least six months). In a future article, I will post guidelines and helps on how to update your links.


We welcome your feedback on the new site. Just click “Feedback” at the top of any of the pages of the new

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