We have released the new LDS.org as a beta test site at http://www.beta.lds.org/. [Note: This beta site is no longer functional. See the new site at LDS.org.]
This major project to improve Church Web sites has been in process for the past few years to (1) upgrade the software and infrastructure to allow us to build Church Web sites more efficiently and with greater flexibility and (2) provide a redesigned, user-friendly look with navigation and content in languages and the ability to search across all Church Web sites.

The new LDS.org has the following new features:

  • New home page with six channel pages.
  • Site-wide search (Now all Web content is indexed, not just the Gospel Library).
  • Gospel Topics (A new section with answers to questions about Church doctrines and practices).
  • News and Events for Members (This is in addition to the Public Affairs site for media professionals).
  • Prepare a Lesson or Talk (Consolidated resources to help you prepare a lesson or talk).
  • Expanded e-mail subscriptions (Daily quotes, news, and information about new Church products and updates to Web sites)
  • A-Z index of Web site content (A “table of contents” to help you find information on Church Web sites).
  • What’s New? (A document that describes the Church’s latest Internet efforts and what you can expect in 2006 and 2007).
  • New scriptures interface in English (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian will be added by the end of August 2006 and more languages after that).

We invite your feedback about this test site. The old LDS.org is still available to use. However, sometime in the summer of 2006, we expect to replace it with this new release.

Next week, we will release an enhanced Gospel Library with more content, more formats, and better search capabilities.

Later in 2006, we will translate LDS.org into nine languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. We will continue to build the Gospel Library in these and more languages. In the meantime, you can use beta.lds.org in English or refer to LDS.org to see the existing language materials.

In 2007, we will redesign other Church sites to be similar to the new LDS.org.

For the latest plans, see the What’s New with LDS.org? document.


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