The Church has compiled a trustworthy resource for individuals seeking answers to their own questions and for others who are striving to help them. These resources are found on ChurchofJesusChrist.org and the Gospel Library app, under Topics and Questions in the sections Seeking Answers to Questions and Helping Others With Questions.

In the video below, Elder Dale G. Renlund introduces this new resource for understanding gospel questions. It provides principles and guidance for addressing complex or difficult topics while deepening faith in Jesus Christ.

Seeking Answers to Questions

This section teaches principles that can guide you as you seek to answer questions about faith, doctrine, or Church history. It encourages you to center your life on Jesus Christ. God’s plan of salvation provides perspective for our questions. That perspective helps us distinguish core gospel truths from things that are not as essential.

The section also encourages us to be patient and trust in the Lord’s timing. As we search for answers, we should seek guidance from the Holy Ghost and work to understand the past by placing things in context.

Helping Others With Questions

This section shares principles to use as you help other people with their questions. We should speak respectfully, listen with empathy, and demonstrate Christlike love. We should seek to understand, acknowledge the experience others have, and avoid being dismissive or judgmental.

Gospel Topics

After the sections Seeking Answers to Questions and Helping Others With Questions, you will find an alphabetical list of hundreds of topics of potential interest. Most of these existed previously in the section known as Gospel Topics. Some of the topics have been updated and expanded. For example, the entry “Agency and Accountability” has an Overview that provides a doctrinal foundation and a Gospel Study Guide with short lessons in a format similar to the Come, Follow Me lessons.


Questions are a part of spiritual growth, and seeking answers to them is often a lifelong pursuit. Center your life on Jesus Christ, act in faith, and hold fast to what you know as you continue to deepen your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Although we have the fullness of the gospel, we do not have the answers to all questions. Some answers will have to wait for further revelation. In those cases, rather than creating reasons or explanations that the Lord has not given, we should rely on faith and be patient in waiting for answers from the Lord when He chooses to reveal them.

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