teen-smartphoneDid your son or daughter get a new mobile device for Christmas? If so, have you talked with them about using it appropriately and avoiding inappropriate things?

Here are a few tips that may help:

Family Safeguards

Has your family discussed together the benefits and the potential risks of using technology? Have you established any family rules about when and how to use your devices? You can help keep your family safe by establishing family guidelines and a culture of trust where family members support each other. I discussed this in more depth in a previous article where I provided a downloadable document Family Safeguards for Using Technology.

Read  the booklet Parenting the Internet Generation.

Filtering and Accountability

One of the best programs I’ve seen to help your family stay clear of pornography is Covenant Eyes, a Christian-based program that provides internet filtering, but the real strength is in their Accountability System where you identify an Accountability Partner. Learn more.

Additional Resources

On this site, I maintain an ongoing page (shown in the right sidebar) that lists resources in overcoming pornography from the Church and from other sources.

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