The LDS Media Library on now includes a new section with audio resources that can be used at home or at Church.

Editor’s Note (29 April 2019): The “LDS Media Library” on the Church website has been renamed “Gospel Media.”

The resources available on this page include the scriptures, scripture stories, general conference, lesson manuals, music, training materials, and audio versions of other Church publications.

When the LDS Media Library launched just over a year ago, it began with videos and plans were to include audio and images in future releases. The image section of the library ( launched in November 2011 and now the audio section( is available.

This initial release of the audio section is basically a page with links to other pages within where you can listen to or download the audio files. A future release will provide a better way to browse and access the audio files directly from the audio section of the library.

As you review the audio files available, let us know if there are other audio

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