The LDS Newsroom has just posted a blog “Church Has Strong Presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,” which describes how the Church uses Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and Twitter accounts.


The website lists nearly 3,000 pages in the category “Church/Religious Organization.” You may be interested to note that 5 of the Church’s Facebook pages ranked among the top 100 — including 2 in the top 25.

Here are the LDS-related Facebook pages in the top 100:

The main Church page at has about 465,000 likes. My guess is we’ll pass half a million soon.


The Newsroom blog also mentions that the Church’s Mormon Messages YouTube channel was recently ranked #2 in video views (20,656,000) in the “Nonprofits & Activism” category. Some of the Church’s YouTube channels include the following:


The Newsroom blog says that there were more than 55,000 tweets around the latest general conference. The term #ldsconf trended (became a popular term) as high as #4 worldwide and in the U.S. The terms “Elder Holland” and “President Monson” trended as high as #2 on Twitter’s trending terms.

Church Accounts

LDS Media Talk has long published listings of all the Church Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and websites.

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