Every day, the social networking giant Facebook is becoming a larger part of the overall Internet experience. More than 175 million people have joined since its founding in 2005, and its users contribute millions of pieces of content every day.

Every day in February 2009, Facebook users averaged over 3 billion minutes on the site. They updated their status 15 million times and became “fans” of a particular company, brand, product or person 3.5 million times a day.


US residents spent more time on Facebook than on any other Web site, beating out the previous leader Yahoo! Source: eMarketer

You may also be interested in an article in yesterday’s USA Today that explains that social networking is fast becoming a staple for a growing number of adults.

While the Church is still developing a strategy on how to use Facebook appropriately, a preliminary page has been created for the Church, as well as for the Liahona, Ensign, New Era, and Friend magazines.

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