A new service missionary opportunity is now available for Church members 26 and older, regardless of marital status, to serve as online institute teachers for BYU–Pathway.

Members may apply online to serve for 12- to 24-month terms. They will begin their missionary service teaching for BYU–Pathway in January 2025. Missionaries will be expected to serve 5–40 hours each week, depending on their availability.

A member desiring to serve in this capacity should possess a bachelor’s degree or have equivalent experience.

Missionaries should have access to a computer with a webcam and stable internet service, and may teach online from any location, even from their own homes. These new service missionaries will use technology and education principles to further the work of the Lord and bless the lives of His children.

Currently, there are openings to teach in English, with future opportunities to teach in Portuguese and Spanish.

Applications may be submitted online at Once applications are submitted, bishops and stake presidents will be notified via email, and should interview each applicant in their ward or stake and help them through the process.

Please share the application link with those in your stake, district, ward, or branch who may be interested. Send an email to if you have further questions.


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