In a recent update to the Church’s General Handbook, additional information was added about teacher council meetings for parents. Section 17.5 now reads as follows:

Teacher Council Meetings for Parents

The ward council may organize teacher council meetings for parents to help them improve gospel teaching in the home. Like other teacher council meetings, these are held during the 50-minute class time on Sunday.

In these meetings, parents counsel together about how to apply principles of Christlike teaching as they teach their children. They use Teaching in the Savior’s Way as a resource, including the section titled “Home and Family” (pages 30–31). They can also discuss the teaching and scripture study suggestions in Come, Follow Me, such as the section titled “Preparing Your Children for a Lifetime on God’s Covenant Path.”

The ward council oversees and schedules teacher council meetings for parents. They determine whether to invite specific parents to attend or to extend an invitation to all parents in the ward.

A member of the Sunday School presidency usually leads the meetings. However, the bishopric may ask another member to lead them.

For more information, see “Teacher Council Meetings” in Teaching in the Savior’s Way (pages 38–39).

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