The Church has issued the following instructions:

We want to help people find our meetinghouses so we can welcome them to worship, participate, and serve with us. The Church recently concluded a two-year pilot of a software platform (called Yext), which is intended to help make meetinghouses easier to find in search engines and GPS map services (Google Maps, YellowPages, Apple Maps, Facebook, etc.). Church leaders recently approved a rollout of this platform for all meetinghouses worldwide.
This tool will be managed, funded, and supported by Church Headquarters, but the information for each meetinghouse must be maintained by someone at the local level. This assignment should be given to a member of the stake communication council, where organized, or to a member of a coordinating or national communication council. The assigned individual will be responsible for managing the standard building information (such as address, description, phone number, and hours); customizing listings to best suit region, language, and local customs; and responding to questions and reviews.
Individuals called to manage this information will contact local leadership to verify the correct information for each building or congregation. Local leaders can support these efforts by providing that information (this assignment may also be delegated to a clerk or secretary).
We request that all previous efforts to manage meetinghouse information now align with this new program. Individuals assigned to this responsibility should collaborate with their area communication councils to avoid duplication of effort and diversity of strategy. We hope this new approach will allow people to more easily find us and join with us in our meetings and activities.



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