The Ordinances Ready app helps you take your family names to the temple. A new update makes reserving ordinances simpler and more meaningful. Now Ordinances Ready will find ward and stake names for you when a closer relative cannot be found.

Ever wonder how Ordinances Ready searches for names and why you got the name you did? The article “The ‘Magic’ Behind Ordinances Ready and a New Update” explains both the new update and how Ordinances Ready uses a special priority order to show you temple names that are related to you—or as connected to you as possible.

When Ordinances Ready searches the Family Tree to find temple opportunities for you, the program tries to find the ones that are most relevant first. The newest update to the app shows people related to you first, names shared with the temple by members of your ward and stake second, and then general temple names third.


Learn more in the article “The ‘Magic’ Behind Ordinances Ready and a New Update.”



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