To simplify the donation process, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has simplified the donation categories.

  • General Offerings. This new donation category is now available when donating online and on the printed donation slip. It replaces the previous categories “Book of Mormon,” “Temple Construction,” “Perpetual Education,” and “Temple Patron Assistance.” This change allows members to contribute to a general donation category that will be used under prophetic direction to meet a variety of ever-changing needs as they emerge.
  • Local. The “Other” category has been renamed “Local.” All current amounts in discontinued “Other” categories will be mapped to approved categories.
  • Authorized Member-Financed Activities. This category, currently under “Other,” will be discontinued. Instructions will be sent to clerks.

These changes are intended to simplify the donation process for members as well as streamline the recording of donations by ward clerks.

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