In the past, FamilySearch used automation to help improve place-names that are missing standards—but automation can do only so much. Volunteers are needed to help improve place-names by matching them with a standard place that can be recognized by a map.

This simple volunteer opportunity takes very little time but has a big impact on the Family Tree. With better place-names, FamilySearch can provide more record hints and can map your ancestors’ life events more accurately.

With a simple tool available on both desktop and mobile, you can do the following:

  1. See the user-entered place and one or more suggested standard place-names.
  2. Select the one that is most similar to what the user entered.

What you add will not overwrite or delete the user-entered place. You can skip to the next person if you are unsure. You can also select the countries you want to review.

Learn more about improving place-names, or try it now.



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