From the article “All about the FamilySearch Family Tree:”

The FamilySearch Family Tree allows you to discover more about your family, keep track of your family tree, and share what you know with other family members—all for free!

Millions of people have used Family Tree since it was launched in 1999 and have discovered and recorded information for over a billion ancestors.

With the links below, you can learn how to use the FamilySearch Family Tree, how a shared family tree works, and how to add to the tree on FamilySearch. You can also find easy ways to search for records, tips and tricks for finding family information, and more.

A Shared Family Tree


Join the Family Tree

Grandma and granddaughter doing a puzzle.


Family Tree Updates

Young man looking at updates on the FamilySearch Family Tree.

How to Use the Site

Record Hints

Couple looking at record hints on laptop.

Person Pages

Family looking at ancestors on FamilySearch.

Different Tree Views

Mother and son looking at different tree views on tablet.

Merging Duplicates

Twin girls laughing.

Using ID Numbers

Girl and grandpa on John Deere.

Fix Incorrect Merges

Two boys walking on train tracks that merge and split.

Create a Free FamilySearch Account

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