stay-nearby-videoLatter-day Saint musician Mary Hiett has composed what she calls a hymn-spirational medley of “I Stand All Amazed,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” and “Abide with Me Tis’ Eventide.”

The medley is called “Stay Thou Nearby” and it was arranged by Morgan Byer.

Only a portion of the medley appears in this YouTube video. The full medley is available on CDBaby, Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music (see link below). The sheet music is available by contacting Mary.

The Backstory

A few months back a new friend of mine, Keith Lionel Brown [lead writer and manager of], reached out to me. These are his words:

I am looking for someone who can combine my three favorite hymns into an inspirational melody. The three hymns are, “I Stand All Amazed,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” and “Abide With Me, Tis’ Eventide.”

I felt so inspired to contact you. Please know that this collaboration is not perchance nor by accident. I believe that it was meant to be and that God will help both of us to make this something that is beautiful and will bring praise, glory, and honor to Him.

I have felt so strongly inspired by this!

I strongly believe that there is someone out there who needs and is waiting to hear this!

Keith was right! He acted on the inspiration that he had received by reaching out to me. I, in turn, felt to act on his inspiration. Out of it came the medley, Stay Thou Nearby.

Arranging the three hymn medley was totally a stretch for me! I know that Keith’s inspiration was right because the medley is now finished and is just waiting to be orchestrated. I KNOW it absolutely came from someone trusting in the timing of it.

Thank you, Keith, for your prayers and your spiritual insight, and for including me in this wonderful project! I cannot think of a better tribute at this Christmas time, then to have been able to think, ponder, and pray for inspiration every day and use my God-given talents to arrange these three beautiful Christ-written hymns about the most remarkable man that ever walked this earth!

This inspired medley of hymns is a song of adoration. Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior, is worthy of all praise and glory. O come, let us adore Him! He who is the Life and the Light of the world has promised never to leave us nor forsake us but to always stay nearby.

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