From the article “Helping Children Make Good Media Choices,” from the digital-only content in the June 2018 issue of the Ensign magazine:

Media is so present in our lives that it’s nearly impossible to prevent children from confronting things we wish we could protect them from. There simply aren’t enough filters in the world to screen out everything that offends the Spirit. And when children leave home, they can’t always take filters along. So what can we do?

What we can do, and should do, is help our children learn to recognize, respond to, and rely on an internal filter that will never fail: the Holy Spirit. This preparation happens best through multiple small conversations, starting at an early age and continuing throughout childhood.

The article gives parents great ideas on how to teach children to recognize the Spirit, respond to the Spirit, and rely on the Spirit.

Read the article “Helping Children Make Good Media Choices.”

The June 2018 issue of the Friend magazine also has resources to go along with this topic.

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