“For 16 years the LDS Film Festival has been a showcase for uplifting, powerful cinema from both Latter-day Saint filmmakers and others whose films share our values,” says film critic Jonathan Decker. And this year is no exception. The LDS Film Festival runs March 1-4 at the Scera Theater in Orem, Utah.

The festival features lots of adventures, comedies, dramas, and love stories. For example:

  • CTU: Provo, an action-comedy in which Donny Osmond plays a villain funding terrorism in Utah.
  • Searching for Gardy, a sequel to The Abolitionists in which the child-slavery-rescuers Operation Underground Railroad continue their search for the boy whose kidnapping launched the movement.
  • The Laughter Life, a hilarious documentary going behind the scenes of the BYU-TV comedy hit Studio C.

The festival also includes workshops, including a 24-hour film-making festival, forums with filmmakers T.C. Christensen and Christian Vuissa, and a panel about Women in Film. See a listing of all the festival has to offer at ldsfilmfestival.org.

Read more about the various films to be featured in Jonathan Decker’s article “LDS Film Festival Gears Up to Inspire.”

next-door-filmOne great film featured in the festival that Jonathan doesn’t mention in his article is The Next Door. Watch the trailer below and read my review of The Next Door.



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