lrcThe Leader and Clerk Resources section of ( is a wonderful resource with tools, reports, and information for members of the ward council. The following is a list of new or updated functions just released:

  • Home Teaching. Users in elders quorums and high priests groups can now view each other’s home teaching data by using the Quorum/Auxiliary drop-down list just below the Print button.
  • Send a message. The application for sending email messages to stake and ward members has been updated. To send a message, click the Send a Message link under the Applications menu. Note: This feature is only available to bishoprics and branch presidencies, stake and district presidencies, and mission presidencies, including their clerks and executive secretaries.
  • Seminary and Institute. A quarterly attendance report is now available. To view the report, click the Quarterly Attendance link under the Reports menu.
  • Membership audit. Ward clerks can now conduct membership audits using LCR. To start an audit, click the Membership Audit link under the Membership menu. Stake leaders can see a consolidated report of the most recent membership audits in their stake.
  • Application to the First Presidency. LCR now generates letters that a bishop will use to request information from a former spouse. The generated letter can be either printed or emailed.
  • Unit meeting times. To update unit meeting times, click the Unit Settings link under the Other menu.
  • Other Improvements. When stake users search for members, ward names will now display with the results. Also, the LCR menu bar now remains visible at the top of the page when scrolling down the page.

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