In addition to the central resources on, Latter-day Saints in 50+ countries around the world have access to pages with country-specific information.

denmark-country-ldsThese pages are supervised by Area Presidencies and include messages from area leaders, personal stories, media, and news specific to the country selected. This content is created in each area to facilitate communication, training, ministering, and teaching in a way that meets the needs of the people in a particular country or area.

To access any of the 50+ country communication pages, go to and use the globe icon in the upper right corner to select a country, and then drill down by region to a specific country using the world map as your guide.

If you have traveled or lived outside your native country, thought about brushing up on your language skills, or just want to enlarge your perspective of the Church in all its variety, communication pages offer priceless enrichment opportunities. If a language is a problem, Internet browsers, such as Chrome, have settings that will translate web pages into a language familiar to you. You just need to set the languages you want to be available in your browser settings, find the web page, select the language, and wait a few seconds for your browser to render the web page. This automated translation will be rough, but the Spirit behind the messages will shine through.

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