broadcastThe Church has announced the broadcasts for 2016:

  • January 10:  Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
  • February 26: An Evening with a General Authority (Church Educational System personnel only)
  • March 26: General Women’s Session
  • April 2–3: General Conference
  • May 1: Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
  • August 2: Annual Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Broadcast (Seminaries and Institutes of Religion personnel only)
  • September 11: Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
  • September 24: General Women’s Session
  • October 1–2: General Conference
  • December 4: First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional

Detailed information, including broadcast times for various areas worldwide, is available at

This information should be helpful to leaders as they plan calendars for 2016.

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