The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released a new Easter video that testifies of Jesus Christ is a powerfully simple way.

The new Mormon Message “His Sacred Name—An Easter Declaration” focuses on key words from the scriptural accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that recount the horrific story of His Crucifixion with words like “rejected” and “mocked.” But it also includes words that portray Christ’s exceptional characteristics, such as “forgave” and “held His peace.”

This simple portrayal of the story of Christ is accomplished with the use of original, abstract photos, taken specifically for this Mormon Message, along with minimal text—just a few words from the scriptures with their references.

After watching this amazing video, I recommend you read the text of the video, which has links to make it easy to read each of the scriptures quoted, so you can more fully appreciate the context.

Please share this inspiring Easter video with friends, family, and those of other faiths over the next ten days leading up to Easter. Consider posting it to your Facebook page or emailing it using the link On that YouTube page, you can also find the embed code to copy into your blog or website.

Thanks and Happy Easter!

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