I just discovered Readeo.com, which is a site that helps families stay connected through reading, whether they are in the same room or a thousand miles apart. It combines award-winning children’s books with high-quality video chat to create a shared reading experience called BookChat.

A group of BYU graduates created BookChat so that a distant parent or grandparent can share a story with a child from anywhere. It seems perfect for parents who are stationed abroad or on a business trip, or for grandma who wants to connect with the grandkids who live in other cities. It lets them share an electronic book story time as long as they both have high speed Internet and a Web cam.

BookChat also lets you discover books and read with children when you’re in the same room. They have over 50 hand-picked children’s books, and they add more all the time . The service has a small monthly fee and guests can try it out for free. They’re also offering introductory pricing right now for 50% off the first year.

Let me know what you think, as well as other ways you’ve found to stay connected when you can’t be with your kids.

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