Social media use is really increasing, not just among the general population but also at work for both personal and professional reasons. A recent survey found the following results:

LinkedIn was the top site for professional social networking in 2009, followed by Twitter, which was used by 76% of respondents for professional reasons.

The top reasons users gave for using social sites at work were professional networking with colleagues (79%), learning about colleagues (66%), and general research (61%). A comparatively low 37% logged in to social sites for marketing to customers.

Of those who logged in to social sites during work for either personal or professional reasons, 61% did so at least once daily and 15% said they were on the networks “constantly throughout the day.” Even though 3/4 say it is unacceptable to check Facebook unrelated to work, more than 9/10 do so, and 2/3 see no problem checking personal e-mail on the clock.

Here are their results of what people deem to be acceptable social media activites at work:

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