ldsconfAn article in the Daily Herald talks about the tweets (posts on Twitter) that were “coming fast and furious” during the recent LDS general conference.

“Even as thousands of members stuffed the LDS conference center in Salt Lake City and hundreds of thousands more watched the conference broadcast, other members were pushing the event to the forefront of social media. The search term “#ldsconf” remained among the most popular on Twitter over the weekend. Tweets flooded in, for example, when Monson spoke of the need for service.”

“They ranged from the need for the warm fuzzy jar to jabs at government. But drawing the most attention on Sunday was Elder Jeffery R. Holland, who used the majority of his time to give a direct and emotional testimony about the veracity of the church’s Book of Mormon…. The talk was followed by thousands of tweets about how powerful it was. ‘If you do anything else, watch Holland,” wrote one person.’

“But even as the church’s members streamed, tweeted, IM’d, listened and watched conference on every piece of media at their disposal, Elder Russell M. Nelson said the best kind of communication doesn’t come with a cost.

“‘Even more amazing that modern technology is our opportunity to access information directly from heaven, without hardware, software or monthly service fees,’ he said.”

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