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Follow the LDS365 page on Facebook to see more news and information for members of the Church. We share more than just the articles from

To follow the LDS365 Facebook page, go to and click Like, then click Following, and then click See First in your News Feed. (This is the way to ensure that you won’t miss learning about new stuff from the Church.)

Note: If you still follow the LDS Media Talk page on Facebook, please UN-like it and like the LDS365 Facebook page. We’re trying to discontinue that page, but we need more followers on the new LDS365 page than on the old LDS Media Talk page before Facebook will let us merge the two pages under the new name.

Last step: Keep interacting with the LDS365 posts you see. If you don’t Like, Share, or comment on posts, over time you’ll see fewer and fewer of them. Here’s why:

Because there is so much content on Facebook, they can’t show you every post from every page you’ve ever liked. Therefore, they filter the posts and only show you what you interact with the most. So, if you like, comment, or share the posts you enjoy, you’ll see more of that kind of content. If you don’t, you’ll see less and less of it.

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