Some parents love to pick up their son or daughter at the end of an LDS mission so they can meet some of the people and get a sense of the experiences their child had while serving a mission.

The website MissionaryPickup.com has helpful suggestions and advice for parents and families who are planning on picking up their returning missionary. The site was written by former mission president Larry Gelwix.

The site contains the following sections:

  1. First Steps in Planning Your Missionary Pick-Up. This section explains the requirements from the Church that you will need to follow. You will need to request permission to pick up your missionary from his/her mission president at least 3 months prior to his/her release date.
  2. Planning Your Missionary Pick-up Travel Itinerary. This section has ideas to consider when planning the itinerary for your trip.
  3. A Mission President’s Advice on Missionary Pick-Up. This section has advice from a former mission president on what to do and what not to do.

Additional information about missionary travel can be found on LDS.org.

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