Editor’s note: For current information about using the Church calendar, see “How to Use the Church Calendar.”

New video tutorials are available to explain how to use the LDS.org calendar. These video tutorials are 3-5 minutes each and show various tasks and concepts with the calendar, including the following topics:

  • Setting Up the Calendar
  • Understanding Calendar Views
  • Subscribed Calendars and Locations
  • Syncing the Calendar
  • Creating Calendars
  • Scheduling Events
  • Sending E-mail Reminders
  • Editing Repeating Events
  • Dealing with Event Conflicts
  • Reservations Versus Events
  • Creating Reservations

To view the videos on LDS.org, click Sign In/Tools and then select Calendar. In the calendar, click the  gear icon (Settings) and then click Help. In the Help section, see Video Tutorials in the list of contents. (Or click here to go there directly.)

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